April 4th - Office of the Senior Pastor



To our church family,

No doubt this has been a difficult time for many of us.  With all the uncertainty surrounding the outbreak of COVID-19 many people are wondering what they can do and what will happen.  Let me start by reminding us all that God is still in control and he is directing everything according to his sovereign plan. 

As for our church, we have been very busy.  I have asked the visitation ministry to contact everyone in the church phone book to check on them.  I have also been encouraging the small group leaders to be in touch with their small group members.  You can help, too, by calling people you know and sharing any needs with the pastors. 

We have been going through our daily devotions and will continue that until we come back.  Many of you have commented to me how much you appreciate this, which has been encouraging.  I want to encourage you to join us for those.  We hold them every day at 10:30 am, and you can watch on Facebook, the website, the app, or Vimeo. 

God has continued to provide for our church through the giving of our members.  Thank you all who have sent in your tithes and offerings – it has been a great help.  And we need it to continue.  Even though the building has been closed, the work continues.  We are still supporting missions, helping our members, and providing other very needed services. Please consider giving online if you haven’t.  You can give safely, easily, and control every part of the process.  Here is the link:  https://www.soth.church/giving

Additionally, we are looking into the stimulus package offered to churches during this national emergency.   

I want to remind everyone that if you are in need of groceries, please contact us.  If you can’t get to the store, or even if finances have become a challenge, call the church.  We are prepared to help!  There are folks who have volunteered to pick-up and deliver.

As of now we are planning to meet again in May, per the governor’s shut-down request.  I need to emphasize that we, as a church, have never been mandated to close.  Churches are exempted from the shut-down and are considered “essential” to the community.  That being said, we have cooperated with our governing leaders because as Christians we are told to.  However, that also means we are able to begin again as soon as the stay-at home restrictions begin to be lifted.  Currently, they are set to expire at the end of April which means we are looking to come back at the beginning of May.  That may change, but as of now it is our plan.

Our Sidewalk Prophets concert originally scheduled for this month has been rescheduled for October.  We are not sure what they will do about the tickets already sold but I think they will either replace them with new tickets for the next show or honor them as-is without requiring a new ticket.  In any case, because we did not sell the tickets we are not in charge of those decisions.  As information becomes available, we will share it.

I want to encourage us all to continue to pray for one another, our leaders, our essential workers in the community, those who have been negatively affected by the shut-downs, and the victims of the virus and their families.  Also, remember, you can submit prayer requests online at this link https://www.soth.church/resources/submit-prayer-request  These will go straight to the pastors’ email and can be prayed for. 

I believe there will be a great deal of good that comes out of this time.  People will be reconnected with their families in ways that would have never happened otherwise.  More people are turning to prayer.  Relationships with God are growing.  We are learning to love our neighbor before ourselves through all of this.  And these are just a few of the positive things we are seeing!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact the church.  God bless you all and we are praying for you!


Pastor Collin

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