Our Team

Pastoral Staff

Dr. Collin Monger

Senior Pastor

Dr. Monger came to Shepherd of the Hills in February of 2016.  He grew up in a military family and moved a lot.

Charles Rowdon

Executive Pastor

Charles came to Shepherd in June of 2017 to serve in our newly created position of Executive Pastor.

Lucas Hahn

Youth Pastor

Lucas came to Shepherd in May of 2017 to serve as our Youth Pastor.

Jim Jessum

Visitation Pastor

Jim has been part of Shepherd for many years and has served in a variety of ministries.

Derrick Whitmore

Missionary Pastor

Derrick came to Shepherd of the Hills Church in February of 2005. 

Office Staff

Janet Smithson

Church Administrator

Janet Smithson has faithfully served the congregation of Shepherd of the Hills Church for more than thirty years. During that time her roll has evolved into what it is today.

Vaughn Miller


Vaughn Miller has been involved with Shepherd of the Hills for many years.  Currently, he serves the church as our Treasurer, making sure the books are balanced, the staff are paid and that the bills get out on time.

Dr. Chip Reardon


Dr. Reardon has served with Shepherd of the Hills as our Organist for more than 20 years.  He holds a PhD in music and has a long and extensive history and knowledge of all things music.

Maintenance Staff

John Schaffer

Property Manager

John Shaffer has served Shepherd of the Hills Church since the year 2000.  He is responsible for making sure the building is kept up and running.

Lisa Houck

Maintenance Assistant

Lisa Houk has served the congregation of Shepherd of the Hills Church since the year 2009.  Throughout the week, Lisa is busy helping to keep the church up and running.

Technology & Communications

Jonathan Grove

Director of Technology

Jon Grove serves our church in a number of ways.  He has a bachelors in Digital Communications and Multimedia and is on staff here as our Director of Technology which means he is responsible for keeping the technology used at the church up and running.

Jackie Rineer

Director of Marketing

Jackie Rineer has been working with Shepherd of the Hills since March 2017 serving as SoTH's Director of Marketing and designing graphics and images for sermon series and church events. She has worked in both web development and graphic design and holds a BS in Web Design & Multimedia. 

Preschool Staff

Kelsey Herman


Kelsey Herman has served our church’s preschool for a number of years as a teacher.  It was in 2015, however, that she became the Director of our preschool, and she has done an awesome job!

Sue Moser

Teacher Assistant

Sue Moser has served Shepherd of the Hills and been a member here for many years.  She currently serves as a Teacher’s Assistant in our preschool and as such has an incredible impact on every one of our students.

About Shepherd of the Hills

Shepherd of the Hills Church is a loving, friendly church located in Bechtelsville, PA (Pennsylvania), Berks County.

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