Shepherd's Staff Newsletter

The Shepherd's Staff Newsletter is our monthly church newsletter published for our members to provide an overview of what has been happening at Shepherd of the Hills Church. You can get a good look at what our ministries have been up to, what teaching series we have been going through during our services, and more information about highlighted events throughout the month.

Month / Season: September
Year: 2019
Newsletter: PDF icon 2019September.pdf
Month / Season: Summer
Year: 2019
Newsletter: PDF icon Summer2019.pdf
Month / Season: May
Year: 2019
Newsletter: PDF icon May2019.pdf
Month / Season: April
Year: 2019
Newsletter: PDF icon 2019April.pdf
Month / Season: March
Year: 2019
Newsletter: PDF icon 2019March.pdf
Month / Season: February
Year: 2019
Newsletter: PDF icon 2019February.pdf
Month / Season: January
Year: 2019
Newsletter: PDF icon 2019January.pdf
Month / Season: December
Year: 2018
Newsletter: PDF icon 2018December.pdf
Month / Season: December
Year: 2018
Newsletter: Binary Data
Month / Season: November
Year: 2018
Newsletter: PDF icon 2018November.pdf

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Shepherd of the Hills is a loving, friendly church located in Bechtelsville, PA (Pennsylvania), serving Berks, Montgomery and surrounding counties.

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