Sunday, December 6, 2020 to Sunday, May 30, 2021

The 4 Gospels each present a different perspective of Jesus: Matthew presents Jesus as Christ the King, the promised Messiah; Mark presents Jesus as a Humble servant; Luke as Jesus the Son of Man; and John presents Jesus as the Son of God. All of the Gospels work together to help us understand who Jesus is and how He loves us. In this series "Harmony," we will go through all four Gospels, verse-by-verse in a chronological order, to learn about the Savior Jesus Christ.

Part 2 of the Harmony Series - The "Sermon On the Mount" (Matthew 5-7)

Part 3 of the Harmony Series - The Ministry of Jesus

Part 4 of the Harmony Series 2023 (Matthew 14~)


Title Date Audio Recording Speaker
Jesus Christ Wants You... To Do Ministry! (Matthew 4:23-25) May 30, 2021 Collin Monger
Jesus Christ Wants You (Matthew 4:18-22) May 23, 2021 Collin Monger
5 Things to Get Right in Your Ministry (Matthew 4:12-17) May 16, 2021 Collin Monger
In Him All Things Hold Together (John 3:31-36) May 9, 2021 Collin Monger
The Humility of a Great Servant (John 3:22-30) May 2, 2021 Collin Monger
God's Fixer Upper (John 3:9-21) April 18, 2021 Collin Monger
The Difficulty of Simple Faith (John 3:1-8) April 11, 2021 Collin Monger
The Saving Love of God (John 3:16) April 2, 2021 Collin Monger
Seeing the Big Picture of Jesus (John 2:23-25) March 21, 2021 Collin Monger
The Godly Perspective (John 2:13-22) March 14, 2021 Collin Monger

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